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Director of Operational Logistics


The DOL has two offices and staffs that oversee bases and provide logistics planning and support of contingency operations. The DOL also manages compliance with logistics and service centers to ensure standardization of support delivery by bases.

Reserve Force Readiness Division (DOL-1)

The Director of Operational Logistics, Reserve Force Readiness Division (DOL-1) staff, has the responsibility and programmatic oversight for all Reserve personnel assigned to the DCMS organization, including those Reserve members assigned to Coast Guard Headquarters and Force Readiness Command elements. Although DOL-1 will serve as the primary point-of-contact and advocate for Reserve-related matters, some functions or processes will remain the responsibility (for the foreseeable future) of the District (dxr) staffs for all DCMS Reserve members, and include: Reserve IDT Berthing, orders generating/processing, and AFC-90 funds management services.

DOL-1 Chief
Norfolk, VA
(757) 628-4849


Office of Base Operations (DOL-3)

DOL-3 provides for command, control and operational coordination of Bases, and ensures each Base executes their requisite mission sets as directed by each Logistics and Service Center’s Technical Authority. Bases provide regional support to all Coast Guard Units in their area of responsibility (AOR).

A team within DOL-3 also executes the Logistics Compliance Inspection program. The team manages compliance in conjunction with the Logistics and Service Centers to ensure standardization of mission support delivery. The responsibilities and work of this organizational element are coordinated with FORCECOM.

DOL-3 Chief
Norfolk, VA
(757) 628-4926

Office of Contingency and Deployable Logistics (DOL-4)

DOL-4 executes the 24x7 DCMS watch within the LANTAREA command center and is responsible for logistics planning and support of contingency operations. DOL-4 staff will provide daily subject matter expertise to Atlantic and Pacific area commanders as the on-site mission support representatives and liaise with logistics and service centers and bases. DOL-4 also is responsible for the drafting and maintenance of operational support plans and support annexes.

DOL-4 Chief
Norfolk, VA

DCMS Watch
Portsmouth, VA
(757) 398-6765

  DCMS 24x7

Last Modified 5/27/2015