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Security Levels

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Coast Guard SFO Grand Haven

Formerly the Marine Safety Detachment (MSD), the SFO Grand Haven Prevention staff handles all Vessel Inspections, Facility Inspections, Marine Investigations, and Pollution Incidents on the Lake Michigan Shore. Our Area of Responsibility (AOR) runs from Leland (including the Manitou Islands) south to the Michigan/Indiana state line.


Report of a Marine Accident, Injury or Death
Certain Marine Casualties must be reported to the nearest Marine Safety Detachment to the incident using a Coast Guard form 2692. Please fill out the form and fax it to the Prevention Division at 616-850-2584.

Form Links:
Report of Vessel Casualty - Includes instructions:
Form CG 2692
Barge Addendum:
Form CG 2692A

Report of required chemical drug and alchol testing following a serious marine incident: Form CG 2692B
Note: The 2692 does not meet all the reporting requirements. A phone notification must be made at 414-747-7100. or a radio communication at the nearest U.S. Coast Guard unit.
Reporting Pollution or a Security Incident
Oil and Chemical spills or releases and Security Threats or Incidents must be reported to the National Response Center as soon as possible. Click the link for more information or call-1-800-424-8802


Certain waterfront facilities must implement security plans and comply with the requirements found in 33 CFR 105. MMTSA Facility Compliance Guide

Certain Vessel must comply to MTSA regulations found in 33 CFR 104. MTSA Vessel Compliance Guide
The MTSA-ISPS Web site will help you answer your questions and let you know of any updates. Link: MTSA-ISPS
To learn more about TWIC click this link: Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)



With the implementation of the Transportation Worker’s Identification Credential (TWIC), SFO Grand Haven no longer conducts the finger printing process for Merchant Mariner Credentials. The mariner’s TWIC will need to be used as proof of fingerprinting. For more information please contact the Regional Exam Center in Toledo, OH at 419-418-6010. Also please visit the National Maritime Center’s website at USCG National Maritime Center.

In order to be in compliance with federal regulations, all Commercial charter vessels 5 gross ton and over must posses a valid Certificate of Documentation. To find out if your vessel needs to comply with this and to begin the documentation process please visit the National Vessel Documentations Center’s website at USCG National Vessel Documentation Center, Home Page.



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