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Policy Letter Alphabetical Index 


Policy File Name Date Number
Ammonium Nitrate, Handling of Urea 07 Sep 00 2K-13
Applicability of 46 CFR Subchapter L to Liftboats--See 46 CFR Part 125. 19 Nov 97 97-36

Policy File Name Date Number
Barge COD Requirements 27 Aug 98 98-17

Policy File Name Date Number
Cargo Tank Safety Relief Valve Test Intervals 14 Oct 98 98-23


Policy File Name Date Number
Deck Officer Licenses Suitable for Service as Master of Towboat-Barge Combination Ferry 29 Jun 09 03-2009
Delegation of Authority to OCMIs to Grant Drydock Extensions 25 Oct 02 01-2002
Drug and Alcohol Policy 20 Nov 95 95-16
Drydock Requirements of Tank Barges, T-Boats, Cargo & Misc. 04 Apr 00 2K-08
Dynamic Positioning (DP), Use of by Offshore Supply Vessels (OSVs) for Oil and Hazmat Transfers 22 Jan 03 01-2003


Policy File Name Date Number
Eighth District Guidance Regarding Downgrading Port State Control Safety and Security Compliance Examinations 25 Mar 09 02-2009
Eighth District Guidance Regarding Implementation of MARPOL Annex II and IMO Resolution A.673 for Existing OSVs 19 Nov 10 05-2010
Electronically Controlled Cargo Pump Engines on board Tank Barges 15 Aug 07
CH. 1
Exemption for Towing Vessels on Inland Waters from Carrying Echo Depth-Sounding Devices 26 Jun 06 02-2006


Policy File Name Date Number
Foreign Crewmembers Working on board  Offshore  Supply Vessels  02 Apr 04 02-2004
Fuel Oil Transfer PIC Cards 07 Oct 98 98-19


Policy File Name Date Number
Guidance on Post-Hurricane Inspection Requirements for Floating Offshore Production Facilities 10 Oct 14 01-2014


Policy File Name Date Number
Interim Guidance for Managing Work Site Exclusions and Work Boats 12 Mar 12 03-2011
Encl 1 Encl 2


Policy File Name Date Number
Litigation Packages for Suspension and Revocation Hearings 12 Apr 00 2K-09
Loadline Extension Authority 14 Jul 99 99-12
Limited Geographic Licenses for Towing Vessels Engaged in Fleeting Operations 4 Apr 07 4 Apr 2007


Policy File Name Date Number
Machinery Automation Trial Period for Reduced Manning 30 Jun 04 01-2004
Manning of Non-Self Propelled Floating OCS Facilities (Replaced by 03-2000, 20 October 2000)

20 Oct 00


Marine Casualty Reporting Guidance for Inland River MSO's 21 Mar 06 02-2000  Rev. 1


Policy File Name Date Number
Offshore Supply Vessels (OSVs), Multi-Service Certification 5 Jul 2001 09-2001
Oversize Tow Permit, Inland Waterways Navigation Regulations 01 Feb 95 16670.4A


Policy File Name Date Number
Persons Allowed on Liftboats 09 Oct 98 98-21
Potential Problem with 24V DC Power Systems Aboard Casino Vessels or other Large Passenger Vessels 26 Apr 99 99-10


Policy File Name Date Number
Rescue Boat Requirements on OSVs 12 Nov 98 98-31
Responsibilities for Drug and Alcohol Testing 06 Apr 98 98-02
Remote Fuel Shut-Off on Towing Vessels Jan 2010 01-2010


Policy File Name Date Number
Tank Barge Streamlined Inspection Program, Change 1

30 Sep 14

01-2007 Ch-1

Tank Barge Pump Engines 05 Jun 96 96-06
Transfer of Excess Fuel From Crew Boats 30 May 97 97-13


Policy File Name Date Number
Use of CG-835 to Allow Certificated Inland Tank Barges having Minor Hull Damage to Operate Across Marine Inspection Zones 09 Feb 09 01-2009


Policy File Name Date Number
Valve Position Indicators, Enforcement Policy for Installation on Existing Inspected Tank Barges 22 Mar 01 04-2001
Vessel Inspection User Fee Caps--See 46 CFR Part 2.  22 Apr 97 97-09
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