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Security Levels

Long Range Surveillance Aircraft


Airframe Manufacturer: Lockheed Martin
Wing Span: 132ft. 7in.
Wing Area: 1,734sq.ft.
Height: 38ft. 3in.
Length: 97ft. 9in.
Max Gross Weight: 155,000lbs
Empty Weight: 76,562lbs
Propulsion:  Four Allison AE2100D3 Turboprop
Speed:   350kts
Range:  5,500nm
Endurance:  21h
Crew: Three (Minimum) Seven (Normal)

Long Range Surveillance Aircraft

Air Station Elizabeth City has 5 "missionized" C-130Js in the fleet to meet long-range maritime patrol requirements in areas that cannot be patrolled efficiently by medium range surveillance aircraft or cutters. The Long Range Surveillance (LRS) aircraft also provides heavy air transport for maritime safety and security teams, port security units and the National Strike Force personnel and equipment.


Last Modified 1/12/2016