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USCGC Sycamore: Keeper of the Sound

CGC Sycamore (WLB-209)

Reporting Personnel

Three key people you should know when transferring:

  1. Ship Sponsor: The sponsor is a member of the Sycamore crew who is the point of contact for the transferring member. The sponsor obtains reporting information from the member and provides information about the cutter. After the member reports, the sponsor helps them get situated on the vessel.
  2. Housing Petty Officers: The Housing Petty Officers are in charge of Coast Guard housing. This includes assignment to housing, maintenance, repair and enforcing residential regulations (i.e. quiet hours, pet policy, parking etc.). They also help to handle lines for the cutter when arriving and departing. The Housing Petty Officers can be reached at (907)424-5987.
  3. Ombudsman: An Ombudsman is a volunteer (who may be a Spouse, Reservist, or Auxiliarist) that is designated by a Command to serve as a link between the command and families, assisting the command in its functions of providing information and related services to families regarding sources of assistance available to them, Coast Guard and command policies, and activities of interest to family members. Contact the ship to get the name, number and email of the current Ombudsman.


Members should report to the Officer of the Day (OOD) on the cutter when in port and to the Housing Petty Officer when underway. The uniform is tropical blue long during summer and service dress blue during winter. If you are arriving before your report date, you may check into housing in civilian attire. Make sure the Sponsor, Housing Petty Officer and Ombudsman are aware of your arrival and report dates. If you are arriving by the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry, refer to the map on the Cordova page for directions. If you are flying in, make prior arrangements with your Sponsor to be picked up at the airport. The airport is located twelve miles outside of town on the Copper River Highway. Air service is via Alaska Airlines or Era Aviation.



All members E-5 and below break-in as quarterdeck security watchstanders standing duty 1 in 3. Once qualified, the quarterdeck watchstanders stand 1 in 4 or better. E-6 and above break-in as Officer of the Day (OOD) or Engineer of the Watch (EOW) depending upon rate, standing duty 1 in 3. Once qualified, the OOD or EOW stand duty 1 in 6 or better.


The Coast Guard Housing at 600 Adams St. consists of eight 4 bedroom houses and eighteen 3 bedroom houses. New one car heated garages were built in 2006. There is also a Community Center (a large meeting room, kitchen and workout room) and a covered playground. Housing is assigned based upon availability and what the member's family is entitled to occupy according to minimum bedroom requirements. It is important for the member to stay in contact with the Housing Petty Officers- (907)424-5987, if they plan to reside in Coast Guard Housing. USCG leased apartments for E-3 and below are available at 900 Chase Avenue. E-3 and below without dependents must get qualified on the ship before moving into housing. E-4 and above without dependents and if CG Housing is full, members with dependents receive BAH (zip code 99574) to rent apartments on their own. Cordova is notoriously short on housing during summer months. There are two realtors in Cordova: Alaskan Real Estate (907)424-7253 and Cordova Realty (907)424-3199. Temporary lodging such as hotels and motels may be found through the Cordova Chamber of Commerce. Household Goods point of contact is the yeoman aboard ship and the Transportation Officer at Base Ketchikan. Delivery on average is about one month after crewmembers arrive in Cordova. Since you will have to wait for your HHG, you are encouraged to make adequate hotel reservations prior to your arrival. DITY and partial DITY moves to/from Cordova are NOT AUTHORIZED.


Members and dependents are under the United Healthcare program (previously Tricare Prime Remote). Make sure you are correctly registered in United and DEERS including your new address. There are two medical facilities in Cordova: Cordova Community Medical Center (CMCC) and Ilanka Community Health Clinic (pronounced ee-LON-ka). Members and dependents receive emergency care in the emergency room at the hospital. CMCC and Ilanka clinic offer basic medical care. Prescriptions can be filled at Cordova Drug which accepts Unitd or through the Tricare Mail Order Pharmacy. There are a small amount of basic over the counter medications available through the HS on the vessel. Specialty care (referral required) may entail a trip (sometimes more than one) to Anchorage covered by the Coast Guard. There is also one dentist in town who accepts Met Life dental insurance. Members and dependents can receive dental care in Anchorage but the Coast Guard will not provide travel. Annual eye exams can be obtained from traveling eye doctors which visit Cordova quarterly or in Anchorage (travel at your expense). Also all pregnant dependents are sent to Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage a month before their due date, or sooner as complications dictate, where they are housed on base if space is available at the Fisher House. Home birth with midwife is allowed in Cordova, but no medical clinic provides any birthing classes. Approved practitioners in Anchorage can be found at United Healthcare and dentists at Met Life. Any member with special needs dependents must take these medical arrangements into serious consideration. If you need any specific medical or dental care you are advised to take care of it before transferring.

Utilities: (area code 907)

  • Cable: GCI Cable 424-7317. Located beside AC Value Center.
  • Telephone: Cordova Telephone Cooperative 424-2345. Located on 2nd Ave near USFS.
  • Power: Cordova Electric Cooperative 424-5555. Located on 2nd Ave near the community college.
  • Cell Phone: Cordova Wireless 424-2300 and Copper Valley Wireless 800-235-5414.
  • Internet: GCI, 424-7317 and Cordova Telephone Cooperative, 424-2345
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