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Welcome to Air Station Sitka Alaska

Important Information to make your transfer go smoothly!

HH60 at Air Station Sitka

Overseas Screening

If you have received orders to Sitka you are required to complete the Overseas Screening process, and receive an Entry Approval before you can proceed with any travel arrangements. Please contact the Housing Officer for more information.

Housing Office: 907-966-5572, or 5579

Methods of Travel

Due to Sitka’s location on Baranof Island there are only two modes of travel available, ferry and plane. The Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS) provides ferry service to Sitka departing from Bellingham, WA. We strongly encourage you to make ferry reservations as early as possible, since the summer months are frequently booked. Sitka is also serviced by Alaska Airlines, which provides air transportation from Seattle. As with the ferry we recommend you make your flight reservations early because the summer months are the height of Sitka’s busy tourists’ season.

Once you have received your orders and have gained Entry Approval through the Overseas Screening Process, contact SATO Travel and request a centrally billed account (CBA) reservation for the ferry and make sure your PCS orders reflect the dates for CBA travel, SATO Itinerary number. This is the only method in which you can acquire ferry and air reservations for your PCS transfer overseas.


Air Station Sitka has 60 government owned family housing units, which consisting of thirty, 2-bedroom units, twenty-six, 3-bedroom units, and four, 4-bedroom units. These buildings are 4 unit, two story townhouses. Two of the 3 bedroom units are handicap accessible. The square footage ranges from 1100 too roughly 1500. Each unit has an outside storage shed and a covered deck on the back. There are no garages or carports. Two parking spaces are available for each unit. Each unit comes with a washer, dryer, stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher. Pets are allowed, up to two maximum.

Assignment to housing is mandatory to support housing management; however it is possible to obtain a release if all units are occupied. Members must request a release from Government Quarters if they desire to live in town. Members should wait for notification of release before obtaining housing on the economy. Members who request housing will be obligated to remain in housing for no less than one year.

Please contact the Housing Office for more information. (907) 966-5572, or 5579

Community Links

The below links are websites that can provide a wealth of information on Sitka’s community, schools, events, and numerous other information.

Transfer Contact Information

Air Station Sitka

Alaska Marine Highway :
Alaska Airlines:
SATO Travel: 1-800-919-7286

Last Modified 1/12/2016