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Arctic Shield

As the nation's lead federal agency for ensuring maritime safety, security and stewardship in the Arctic, the Coast Guard will perform its statutory missions to ensure the Arctic remains a safe, secure and environmentally sustainable region.

Coast Guard Arctic Shield 2012 will focus on outreach, operations and an assessment of our capabilities.


Coast Guard and other federal, state and local personnel will conduct more than 50 humanitarian outreach events in 27 different communities. It is the nation's largest humanitarian outreach effort not in response to a disaster (natural or man-made) in recent history and will include water safety training, medical, dental and veterinary assistance.


Coast Guard operations in the Arctic will be conducted by multiple cutters, aircraft and personnel.

Capability Assessment:

Coast Guard personnel will exercise our capabilities to ensure we have the right resources to conduct our maritime operations to meet our maritime safety, security and stewardship requirements in the Arctic.

Please click here to view our Arctic Shield tri-fold.

Please click here to view our final Arctic Shield environmental assessment.
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Last Modified 1/12/2016