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Mandatory Coast Guard exams now required for certain Commercial Fishing Vessels.

Commercial fishing vessels that operate beyond 3 nautical miles from the territorial sea baseline are required to get a dockside exam from the Coast Guard prior to engaging in a fishery.

Coast Guard units will be boarding vessels at sea to determine if they have already successfully completed a mandatory exam. Any vessel with a decal issued after Jan 1, 2013 are considered in compliance. Those that don't comply will be issued a warning and 30 days to come into compliance.

To get more information about preparing for your dockside exam Click here.

When is my vessel a commercial fishing vessel?

It doesn't matter if your vessel is US documented or state registered, if you catch fish with the intent to sell them you are operating a commecial fishing vessel. Commercial fishing vessels are required to comply with the commercial fishing vessel safety regulations.

Click here to visit the Dockside Examinations page and use the "Checklist Generator" to obtain a checklist for your particular vessel and operations.

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