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Security Levels

Sector New York

Reserve Training

Other Training Opportunities

Other training opportunities such as Active Duty for Training-Other Training Duty (ADT-OTD) and RMPs are also available for SELRES members to assist in fulfilling necessary qualifications that cannot be met with in their standard allotted training days.

Mandated Training

Mandated Training is a collection of training requirements designed to build awareness and enhance the knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes of the workforce to perform Coast Guard missions. Most of the training can be completed online and is accessible from any computer with an internet connection at the CG Learning Portal. The learning portal has been integrated with CG Portal in accordance with ALCOAST 601-10.
Category A is required to completed by all hands on an annual basis.
Category B is required for a targeted audience.
Please see your division Training Officer if you are unsure what training is required.

Individual Training Plan

Completion of the ITP is required to guide SELRES members in their professional development and capture reserve training and funding needs. Please see ALCOAST 026/11 for additional guidance.

Service Wide Exams (SWE)

Reserve SWEs are administered annually during the month of October. All prerequisites (Enlisted Performance Qualifications, Evaluations, End of Course test, etc) must be completed by 1 July in order to be eligible to take the SWE. Members must verify their Personal Data Extract (PDE) in Direct Access. If corrections to your PDE are necessary they must be completed and visible on the online PDE by 01 SEP.

Coast Guard Institute

For those of you taking courses please visit the Coast Guard Institute page.
It provides you with all the info you need to take advantage of various programs designed to assist your educational goals.

GI Bill
Here is everything you wanted to know about the Montgomery and Post 9/11 GI Bill

Educational Services Officer (ESO)

The Sector Educational Services Officer can be contacted here.

Last Modified 1/12/2016