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Security Levels

Sector New York

Reserve Readiness/Admin

The following tasks are required to be completed by all SELRES on an annual basis:

A printable version of Sector New York’s Quick Reference Guide to annual Reserve Mobilization & Training Readiness Requirements is available here.

1. Keep Contact Information Current

The information listed in Direct Access (DA) will be used to contact you in case of recall. It is extremely important that you keep your contact information current at all times. Sector NY has NO tolerance for members with outdated or missing DA contact information. The following link can be used to access DA from your home computer:
Use the following path in Direct Access to update your personal information: Self Service -> Employee ->Tasks

Email Addresses

Phone Numbers

There are 11 phone type selections in the drop down. In the event of a recall, the Command will print a report that contains Home, Cell and Business fields for everyone. Please ensure that if you have a Home, Cell and/or Business number, these numbers will be used in case of a recall or if Sector needs to contact you outside of your normal drilling schedule.

2. Verify Personnel Data Records (PDR)

Annually between 1 OCT and 30 NOV a review of important documents including the Record of Emergency Data, BAH Dependency worksheet and life insurance election form will be conducted. This is normally accomplished through your Yeoman or the SPO.

3. Annual Screening Questionnaire (ASQ)

Federal law requires all reserve personnel complete an ASQ each year. Per ALCOAST 064/09, the ASQ must be completed between 01AUG and 31OCT in Direct Access or by submitting a paper version to Sec NY Admin. Members will not be issued ADT orders unless they are ASQ compliant.

Use the following path to complete your ASQ in Direct Access:
Self Service -> Employee ->Tasks

Annual Screening Questionnaire Paper Form

4. Maintain Medical & Dental Readiness

All SELRES members are obligated to maintain medical and dental readiness. CG Reserve Policy Manual (M1001.28B) states that members that fail to complete their exam (dental or Periodic Health Assessment- PHA) will be notified [by their Command, Senior Enlisted Reserve Advisor (SERA), or Reserve Force Readiness Staff (SXR)] that an examination must be completed within 30 days. If the member does not submit to the required examination within 30 days, the commanding officer shall document counseling in accordance with Section 4.B.1 [counseling and negative Page 7] and follow procedures for compliance measures in Section 4.B.2(3) [Enlisted members may be discharged for unsatisfactory participation].

5. Weigh-Ins

Weigh-ins are due in April and October.

For information on the new weight and body fat standards, see ALCOAST 512-09 New Weight and Body Fat Standards.

For information on weight management go to Office of Work-Life Weight Management.

If you cannot weigh-in during your scheduled April or October drill weekend, you will need to make arrangements with Station or Sector NY Active Duty Admin Personnel prior to the end of the weigh-in month to be weighed in. Personnel who fail to weigh in prior to the end of the applicable weigh in month (April/October), shall be counseled and issued a negative Page 7.

6. Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Complete an IDP. This is mandatory for enlisted: E-6 and below and officers: O4 and below.

The Enlisted IDP (Tab 8) shall be completed in October per COMDTINST 5357.1A to assist with planning activities and outcomes to allow SELRES members reach their full potential.

Once complete, please ensure that your supervisor emails the active duty ESO with your full name and EMPLID, stating that your IDP and counseling has been completed. The ESO will then enter it into TMT.

Leadership and Professional Development Homepage

7. Inactive Duty Training Drills (IDT)

All reserve members are required to attend 90% of the 48 authorized IDT authorized annually (Oct 01 to Sept 30). Failure to attend scheduled drills will result in unexcused absences and may lead to administrative action, transfer into the Inactive Ready Reserve (IRR), or discharge.

- You will be expected to ENTER YOUR OWN IDT DRILLS INTO DIRECT ACCESS for the fiscal year.

Quick reference guide for Reserve Inactive Duty Training (IDT) Drills

8. Active Duty for Training (ADT)
ADT shall be no less than 12 days and no more than 15 days in a fiscal year. ADT requests for orders should be routed to supervisor in DA at least 45 days in advance of duty date and no later than 01 July.

IMPORTANT!!! Your orders request it is NOT intuitive. Clicking the "ROUTE" button makes the screen blink and gives you the impression that your orders have been routed. This is not the case. You MUST hit "SAVE" after you click "ROUTE" to actually get your orders routed.
Quick reference guide for Active Duty for Training(ADT)

9. Evaluations

Ensure that your evaluation is submitted by your supervisor on time.

Enlisted Employee Reviews (EER)

The following is the submission schedule for Reserve EERs:


Officer Evaluation Reports (OER)

The following is the submission schedule for Reserve OERs:


NOTE: Reserve Officers grades CAPT, LTJG, and ENS are annual.
All other Reserve Officer OERs are biennial (on even numbered years).

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