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Sector New York


Marie Berry
(347) 844 - 0522

The Ombudsman program serves as a link between Coast Guard units and families. Ombudsmen assist units and families by providing information about family services, sources of assistance, Coast Guard and unit policies, activities of interest to family members, family benefits, and other information to minimize disruption related to relocation and deployments. The program is not intended to provide counselors to Coast Guard families, but rather to provide a liaison between the Command and families.

If you are new to the area please fill out the Ombudsman Check-In form and return to me or the Admin Office located in Building 212 at Sector New York.

Additional duties and responsibilities of the Ombudsman can found in COMDTINST 1750.4D

Spouses Club of Sector New York
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The Spouses Club of Sector New is an approved private association whose role is to support work-life awareness programs and serve as a vital resource for the Ombudsman. The Spousesí club has four main goals: provide a support system, create fellowship opportunities, offer community service, and furnish educational information. They seek to improve the quality of life for members and their families, while promoting the feeling of belonging to the Coast Guard community. They are guided by the policies found in COMDTINST 1750.6C.

Please also take a look at the Health, Safety & Work-Life office's site for additional information and resources.

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