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Security Levels

Sector New York

Education Services Office

Primary ESO: Ms. Ruth Meyers-Miyashita

Alternate ESO: LTJG Brooklyn Andreasen & LTJG Joseph Liffrig

Reserve ESO's: LT Michael Bonner, LT Goliath Demsise, & LT Hendrick Juwana

Office Hours: Monday thru Friday 0745 - 1545

Contact us at via:
Phone: (718) 354-4056

Our office is located in the MWR/Gym building located on Fort Wadsworth at
204 Malony Drive
Staten Island, NY 10305

Education Information Powerpoint

Tuesday and Thursday 0900, 1000, 1300.
Call or email to schedule an appointment

Testing is available during above testing times
Call or email to schedule an appointment. Must provide completed RPQs.

EOCT/EPME Study Material:
You can find study materials in the portal at: You can also find materials and RPQs at Learning Management System (LMS). Not all ratings have study material. Use your RPQ's and references if not. Also, check the CG Portal for rate specific study guides.

New Advancement Requirements: SWE & ERATS
Steps to the ERAT System: Qualification for the SWEs
New Advancement Requirements: SWE & ERATS

Service Wide Exams (SWE):
Your service wide exam eligibility is accessible via Direct Access. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure accuracy of your PDE in Direct Access. SWE’s will be sent to the ESO one month prior to the exam and the ESO will send the list to all hands to confirm its accuracy.
For additional information, please visit the PPC website:

Proctored Exams:
The ESO is able to act as an official test proctor for distance learning. Call or email to establish the proper documentation between your school and the ESO. Active Duty CG Sector New York dependents are also authorized this service.
Testing is available during the above testing times; call or email to schedule an appointment.

Tuition Assistance:
Are you considering Tuition Assistance? Take a look at the CGI Tuition Assistance Information Page.

There are two Requirements:
1. Submit a command approval form. (This must be routed/completed for every separate TA request. CO MILPERS is final signature authority for ALL Sector personnel. Sub units can use local CO.)

2. Submit your TA Application through MY EDUCATION found at

NOTE: CO or By Direction Authority’s Email Address – Type in your ESO’s work email address that is listed in global (NOT THE CO OF YOUR UNIT). If there is more than one ESO at your unit, type in the ESO that will be approving this TA request. Only permanent ESO’s designated to approve eTA’s will be listed in this block.

Submitting Grades:
Scan and e-mail the ESO with your SSN# and EMPLID written on your grade report. This is required or your grade cannot be submitted. An acceptable grade report requires official college letterhead with School Name, Student Name, Class Name & Grade.

Members are responsible for ensuring that their grades are properly posted and that their TA is validated. Members who do not verify this information run the risk of being charged for their class(es).

Grades NOT Posted Within NETPDTC Action
60 days Sends letter of notification to member
90 days Sends letter of notification to member’s CO
120 days Initiates collections action/ USCG Pay and Personnel Procedures Manual, PSCINST 1000.2A Chapter 9?A

Click Joint Service Transcript (JST)
Click How to request an official transcript

G.I. Bill:
This website has step by step explanations for transferring from Montgomery to 9/11 as well as how to transfer your benefits to your dependants. All benefits vary depending on the individual so individual research on this website will help to answer your specific questions.

GRANTS / Education Material Reimbursement
CG Foundation & Vander Putten Education Grants

St. Joseph's offers CLEP and DSST testing quarterly. To sign up, please email your ESO, or contact St. Joseph's directly.

Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT) (New name for ASVAB):
AFCT testing can be administered by the Sector New York ESO. Call or email to schedule a time to take the test. Prior to scheduling the test, you must provide the ESO with a printed copy of your current/previous scores in Direct Access.

Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB) and Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) can be administered by the Sector New York ESO. Call or email to schedule a time to take the test.

The closest DANTES Test Control Officer (TCO) is located at Fort Hamilton across the Verrazano Bridge in Brooklyn, NY. If Sector New York is unable to assist or meet the requirements of your request, DANTES proctored exams such as SAT and ACT can be established through the Fort Hamilton DANTES TCO.
* members taking the GMATS or GRE can be reimbursed by submitting an approved application through their local DANTES Test Control Officer.

Fort Hamilton ESO
Education Center Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday
0730 to 1630
Main Number (718) 630-4715
Counselor (718) 630-4978
Testing Office (718) 630-4344
FAX (718) 630-4977
Central Michigan University (718) 748-8386
Saint Joseph's College (718) 630-4979

Other Helpful links:
Coast Guard Institute:
CGI TA help:

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