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Reporting Aboard PENOBSCOT BAY

Information for shipmates with PCS or TDY orders to WTGB 107

Basic information for members inbound PCS

Congratulations on your orders to PENOBSCOT BAY! We look forward to you joining our crew. PENOBSCOT BAY is homeported in Bayonne, New Jersey, and is under the OPCON and ADCON of Coast Guard Sector New York.

PENOBSCOT BAY preparing for a direct assist on a barge in the Hudson River

Our area of responsibility includes New York Harbor, as well as the Hudson River up to Albany, New York. Our missions include domestic ice breaking, port security, law enforcement, and search and rescue. More information about the cutter can be found on the other pages of this Web site, particularly in the About the Cutter section. You can also visit PENOBSCOT BAY on for photos, video, and up-to-the-minute updates on our operations. In your welcome aboard message, you will be assigned a sponsor and (if you are reporting from basic training) you will receive information on the department (either Deck or Engineering) to which you will be assigned when you report aboard.

Please contact your sponsor as soon as possible at (201) 443-6417. Be ready to provide any dependent information, special needs, government housing desires, and leave address when calling. You may contact your sponsor between 0645-1300 Monday-Friday. After hours, ask for the Officer of the Day. If the cutter is underway, please contact (551) 655-5928.

If PENOBSCOT BAY is underway when you arrive in Bayonne, report to Sector New York on Staten Island. The Servicing Personnel Office will coordinate your travel to meet PENOBSCOT BAY and answer any questions you may have. Uniform for reporting is Tropical Blue Long from April through November and Service Dress Blue from December through March.

Government quarters are available onboard Sector New York at Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island. More housing information is available on the Sector New York site. Select "Ombudsman," then "Sector New York Welcome Aboard Package."

If you have been issued orders but have not yet heard from your assigned sponsor, please wait approximately 1-2 weeks before attempting to contact the ship. We may be underway or we may not yet have received a copy of your orders. If you do not hear from your sponsor after 1-2 weeks, please contact the cutter and ask to speak to the Executive Officer. You should receive a phone call from your sponsor and a welcome aboard message via CGMS.

More reporting aboard information can be found on the Sector New York site.

Additional information for personnel reporting from basic training

A copy of our Unit Information Sheet (UIS) should have been provided to you when you received orders to PENOBSCOT BAY. If it was not provided to you. The UIS contains information that other PCS inbound personnel may also find useful.

Basic information for members inbound TDY

We look forward to having you aboard. If you are in receipt of TDY orders to PENOBSCOT BAY, please contact the Executive Officer as soon as possible at (201) 443-6417. After hours, ask for the Officer of the Day. If the cutter is underway, please contact (551) 655-5928.
Last Modified 1/12/2016