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Base Miami Beach
Personal Property Shipping Office - PPSO

Transportation Officer- Ms. Maxine Wilson (305) 278-6800

Excess Costs Avoidance & Appeals

Excess cost exists when the cost for moving your property exceeds the amount authorized by the Government.  Many factors contribute to excess cost, including attempted pickup and/or delivery, increased valuation, excess storage, excess distance, and excess weight (the most common). In order to avoid excess cost, consider the following suggestions:


There is an appeal process open to you.  Hold on to your shipping documents.  Members disputing the HHG shipment excess costs must begin the appeal process through the Traffic Management Office responsible for the delivery your personal property.  (For Coast Guard personnel the CG Personal Property Transportation Manual, COMDTINST M4050.6, Chapter 2, Section 2008.7.d (page 2-18) provides guidance for the appeal process.)

Joint Federal Travel Regulation (JFTR), paragraph U5340 states that members are responsible for excess transportation costs.  However, if the member believes the carrier's weight certificates are clearly in error or are fraudulent, they and the local Traffic Management Office may use a combination of the following to substantiate their claim:

A useful tool for estimating weights:

Appeal packages must include a memo with Command Endorsement explaining any error or fraud by the shipping carrier in regards to the excess weight transported, the following documentation must also be included with the package:

You have four avenues of appeal:

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Last Modified 1/12/2016