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Base Miami Beach

Base Miami Beach

Health Safety Work-Life (HSWL) Department


Base Miami Beach Clinic Department

We provide medical and dental care to active duty Coast Guard and DoD personnel.

Hours of Operation 0700-1500
Appointments: 305-535-4535
After Hours Duty Corpsman: 305-219-5331
D7 Senior IDHS:  305-953-2151

Base Miami Beach Work-Life Department

Suicide/Mental Health/WorkLife Counseling CG Support Program 1-855-247-8778 for immediate access to a counselor 24 hrs/7 days a week..

Admin Assistance (305) 278-6660

Family Advocacy Specialist (305) 278-6668 or (305) 278-6670
Family Advocacy Specialist (DD-San Juan) (787) 729-2339
Family Resource Specialist (305) 278-6667 or (305) 278-6665
Employee Assistance Program Coordinator (305) 278-6675
Transition/Relocation Assistance Manager and Ombudsman Coordinator (305) 278-6673
Health Promotion Manager (305) 278-6664 and (305) 278-6667

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has been replaced with CG Support (CG SUPRT). For more information please go to

Last Modified 1/12/2016