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Security Levels

Base LA/LB
Health, Safety and Worklife


LT Lori Tillman
HSWL Department Head

Base LA/LB Medical Clinic (310) 521-6052
Medical Care, Dental Care, Physical Exams
Coast Guard Support Program (CG SUPRT) (855) CG SUPRT   
Family problems, Financial Consultation, Legal issues, Alcohol Abuse, Crisis Management, Health Coaching  
Employee Assistance Program  (EAPA)  (310) 521-6136 
Suicide Awareness, Critical Incident Stress, Sexual Assualt Awareness, Gambling addictions, Workplace Violence  
Family Advocacy Specialist (FAS)  (310) 521-6134 
Physical/Emotional Partner Abuse, Child Abuse/Neglect, Elder Abuse, Parent Abuse
Family Resource Specialist (FRS)  (310) 521-6134 
Adoption Reimbursements, Elder Care Options, Family Member Scholarships/Grants/Loans, Child Care Subsidies, Family Care Plans  
Health Promotion Manager (HPM)  (310) 521-6131 
Physical Fitness, Nutrition and Weight Management, Stress Management, Tobacco Cessation, Cardiovascular Health, Substance Abuse Prevention  
Transition/Relocation Manager (TRM) (619) 278-7117  
Job Search and Career Planning, Retirement/Transition Seminars, Separation Travel and Transportation Information, Career and Personality Assessment, Resume Writing Assistance, Spousal Employment Asiistance, Relocation Resources, Financial Counseling Education, Ombudsman Program  

Under the supervision of the CO, Base LALB and the technical direction of the Health, Safety, and Work Life Service Center (CG HSWL SC), Base LA/LB Department provides direct medical and dental support, along with Work Life services under the Employee Assistance, Family Resource, Family Advocacy, Transition and Relocation, and Health Promotion programs. Beneficiaries include, active duty members, reservists on active duty, and within some Work Life programs, family members of civilians within the Los Angeles/Long Beach area of responsibility, to include units spanning Morro Bay to San Diego, Nevada, and Arizona.


Last Modified 7/7/2010