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Base Ketchikan Detachment Juneau, Alaska

Juneau Clinic

Clinic Phone Number: (907) 463-2140
Pharmacy Medication Refills: (907) 463-2143

Clinic and Pharmacy Hours

  Monday - Thursday Friday
Scheduled Appointments 0800-1200 & 1230-1600 0800-1200
Pharmacy 0800-1200 & 1230-1600 0800-1200

Check-In/Out Process at the clinic: If you are new to the area or are departing Juneau you should check-in or check-out with the clinic to ensure that you know your benefits whether you are settling in Juneau or are hitting the road to your new duty station. Checking-in to a new unit is a busy time and we want to ensure that all newcomers are briefed on all the great benefits you are entitled to through the Juneau Clinic.

*** Please ensure to bring your health records and command check-in/out sheets; family members are always welcome.

After Hours Urgent Care: Active Duty, dependents and retirees requiring medical care after hours and/or on weekends must use a civilian medical provider, clinic or hospital emergency department.

Active Duty Emergency Room Visit Follow-Up Policy: Active duty personnel that are seen at the local emergency room must follow-up with their Primary Care Manager (Juneau Clinic) on the next business day following discharge from the Hospital ER or sooner as the circumstances dictate. This is to ensure that your doctor is kept current on your health care needs and can take appropriate action on any recommendations made by the ER physician.

Emergency Services: The Juneau Clinic does not have an "emergency room"; if you need emergency medical care, dial 911. Patients requiring ambulance emergency service will be taken to Bartlett Regional Hospital emergency room via the local Ambulance Service.

Pharmacy Services: Defense Eligibility Enrollment System (DEERS) eligible beneficiaries including TRICARE Standard, TRICARE Prime and TRICARE Prime Remote participants are eligible to use the Juneau Clinic pharmacy. A list of medications we stock (which is based on the DOD Basic Core Formulary) may be obtained at the Pharmacy. Some medications on the formulary carry restrictions that require additional paperwork to document medical necessity before we are able to dispense them. The Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee determines which medications require additional justification; a complete list of these medications and required forms are available at

*** Coast Guard clinics without Pharmacy Officers are not authorized to process NEW PRESCRIPTIONS that originate from non-Coast Guard providers.

Alternate pharmacy support may be arranged via the following options:

Medication Refills: For your convenience medication refills may be ordered in advance by calling (907) 463-2143. Refills will normally be ready later in the day.

Mail Order Pharmacy: Express Scripts, Inc is the contractor for the National Mail Order Program (NMOP) and provides mail order pharmacy services. More information may be obtained at the and the Express Scripts site at

Clinic Complaint/Concern process: Our goal is to ensure every patient seeking service is satisfied with the care and service that they receive. The Patients Bill of Rights and Responsibilities provides a mechanism to initiate, review and resolve problems experienced by patients. Patients experiencing problems at the Juneau Clinic should first contact the Clinic Supervisor. Unresolved matters should be addressed first to the Clinic Administrator then to the Field Office Supervisor. Please call 907-463-2140 to schedule an appointment to talk to the Clinic Supervisor.

What to do if you've received a bill: For TRICARE related concern or questions contact the local TRICARE representative at 1-888-874-9378.

A TRICARE Service Center is located within the Juneau Clinic. The TRICARE Service Center (TSC) can provide beneficiary enrollment, access to and processing assistance for specialty referrals, TRICARE information and health care claim processing and information about the status of a health care claim. The TRICARE Service Center is open to all DEERS eligible beneficiaries. The TSC is located in the Coast Guard Clinic in Juneau Federal Building, Room 627 and is open from 0800-1200 & 1230-1600 Monday - Friday

The TRICARE program continues to evolve and frequent changes have enhanced the benefits in TRICARE. To learn more about TRICARE or the latest changes visit TRICARE on-line. You can also call - TriWest (888-874-9378) to reach a Health Benefits Advisor.

*** It is important to talk to the people at the TRICARE Service Centers, or to your Primary Care Manager before you try to get care from a civilian source.

Patient Advisory Committee (PAC): The meetings are held quarterly to provide open communication between the Coast Guard "Medical Command" in Alaska (HSWL Regional Practice District 17 - which includes the Kodiak, Juneau, Sitka and Ketchikan CG clinics) and CG units in Alaska and CG DEERS eligible healthcare recipients in Alaska. Participation in this meetings is highly recommended. Contact your supporting Coast Guard Clinic to inquire about the next PAC meeting.

Last Modified 1/13/2016